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Insurance Coverage Options

We've got you covered- regardless of what or where you drive. We offer free quotes on insurance policies for passenger vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and boats- as well as commercial vehicles like trucks, trailers, and tractors.Insurance agent with clipboard checking out vehicle

We even sell auto insurance bundles which combine insurance coverage for multiple vehicles or home and any number of vehicles into a single auto insurance policy with a single premium. Insurance bundles can often be greater than the sum of their parts because the organizations providing these bundles realize that they can offer discounts to customers that choose to buy more of their products. This is similar to a bulk discount that you would get at a grocery or chain store.

We can sell liability insurance and/or any amount of property damage insurance on just about any vehicle under the sun. If you need to insure more than one vehicle we can bundle each of our various coverage options together to save you money or include your home insurance coverage for even bigger savings. 

Don't forget, we offer all of the same options from our auto insurance and more on our motorcycle insurance and motorcycle insurance bundles. Call today at 1-800-771-7758 to learn more or click on the get quotes button to get started.

Bundled Insurance Options

Any Number of Vehicles Plus Home Insurance

Bundled insurance policies are also called multi-line insurance policies. Essentially a bundled insurance policy combines any number of auto insurance and/or motorcycle insurance policies into a single easy to read package with a single combined premium payment plan.

Bundling your auto, motorcycle, and home insurance through Eastwood Car Insurance and SkyBlue can save you thousands of dollars per year on both your home and auto insurance simultaneously. In addition to the money-saving benefits of a bundled insurance policy, there are also many brand-specific coverage options that are only available only to preferred customers that purchase more than one line of insurance through the same company. click on read more below to get free quotes on bundled insurance and learn more about insurance bundles.

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Property Damage

Collision & Comprehensive Property Damage

Property damage coverage is an essential part of any auto or motorcycle insurance policy. This coverage protects your vehicle and any personal effects therein from damages due to a collision or some other peril such as fire, vandalism, or theft.

Collision auto insurance refers to insurance which reimburses you for property damage that is caused by any type of collision between your vehicle and another vehicle, object, or god-forbid pedestrian or cyclist. This does not provide any coverage against acts of god such as falling objects, fire, or civil disturbance. for these types of non-collision property damage, you must purchase comprehensive auto insurance. 

The duo of collision and comprehensive insurance was formerly referred to as full coverage insurance but hasn't been as of late due to the fact that in reality there is no type of auto insurance which protects your car from all damages at all times. For more information on collision and comprehensive insurance options for both cars and motorcycles click on the read more button below. you may also click on the get quotes button above to get started.

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Commercial Insurance Options

Auto | Tractor | Trailer | Liability

Commercial auto insurance is a little different from passenger auto insurance but it's just as easy for us. We can protect your wallet, your fleet of commercial vehicles, and the sustainability of your business in as little as ten minutes with free quotes on commercial auto insurance from many fine auto insurance providers.

An insurance policy for your commercial vehicles must meet higher liability limits. These limits are known as commercial liability limits. We sell commercial auto insurance that provides up to $1,000,000 in liability coverage for both bodily injuries and property damage. We also have the ability to insure many vehicles with the same type of coverage for less. You could insure the entire fleet of trucks above with $500,000 in commercial liability insurance as well as collision and comprehensive options for a single low rate which you are allowed to pay monthly, annually or semi-annually (every 6 months). Click on read more below for free quotes and further information.

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Liability Options

Auto | Motorcycle | Commercial

Liability insurance for cars and motorcycles is responsible for paying for bodily injuries and property damage incurred by others as a result of the operation of your vehicle(s).

At Eastwood Car Insurance we make it easy for our customers to save hundreds of dollars on their liability auto insurance and liability motorcycle insurance by shopping through multiple quotes from multiple auto insurance providers. This website is owned and operated by SkyBlue Insurance Agency Inc.- licensed to do business in 28 states throughout the US and authorized dealers of more than a dozen auto insurance and motorcycle insurance providers. Click on read more below to get free quotes and information on the liability insurance options where you live.

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