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Property Damage

Collision & Comprehensive Property Damage

Property damage coverage is an essential part of any auto or motorcycle insurance policy. This coverage protects your vehicle and any personal effects therein from damages due to a collision or some other peril such as fire, vandalism, or theft.

Collision auto insurance refers to insurance which reimburses you for property damage that is caused by any type of collision between your vehicle and another vehicle, object, or god-forbid pedestrian or cyclist. This does not provide any coverage against acts of god such as falling objects, fire, or civil disturbance. for these types of non-collision property damage, you must purchase comprehensive auto insurance. 

The duo of collision and comprehensive insurance was formerly referred to as full coverage insurance but hasn't been as of late due to the fact that in reality there is no type of auto insurance which protects your car from all damages at all times. For more information on collision and comprehensive insurance options for both cars and motorcycles click on the read more button below. you may also click on the get quotes button above to get started.

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Collision Auto Insurance

Collision auto insurance is usually the most expensive portion of an auto insurance policy, especially if you have several accidents on your record. But it is expensive for a reason because it is the single type auto insurance which you are most likely to file a claim under. This means that you are going to use it. 

you can get free quotes on collision auto insurance from multiple name brand auto insurance providers with SkyBlue in as little as 10 minutes over the phone.  We make it easy to make this costly insurance affordable and easy to manage with multi-vehicle and home insurance bundles.

Collision auto insurance does not cover things like vandalism, however. Types of risks that formerly used to be referred to as acts of god are the domain of comprehensive auto insurance. 

Comprehensive Property Damage

Comprehensive auto insurance provides reimbursement for damages due to the following perils or risks:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Wind damage
  • Missiles (baseballs, hailstones )
  • Civil disturbance (riot, protest)
  • Animal and pest damage
  • More...


When purchasing comprehensive auto insurance it is your choice how much or how little will be included in your policy. This allows you to decide how expensive your property damage insurance will be based on which risks you are most likely to face in your regular commute or state of residence. When combined with collision auto insurance, this type of coverage forms a tight seal of protection against most things that would potentially do damage to your new or valuable ride. 

*Don't forget that if you're looking for leased auto insurance, we can get you great deals that your dealer or finance company would never tell you about! So Call us today for free quotes on comprehensive and collision auto insurance for your bought or leased vehicle and start saving thousands of dollars a year on your auto insurance.



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