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Commercial auto insurance is a little different from passenger auto insurance but it's just as easy for us. We can protect your wallet, your fleet of commercial vehicles, and the sustainability of your business in as little as ten minutes with free quotes on commercial auto insurance from many fine auto insurance providers.

An insurance policy for your commercial vehicles must meet higher liability limits. These limits are known as commercial liability limits. We sell commercial auto insurance that provides up to $1,000,000 in liability coverage for both bodily injuries and property damage. We also have the ability to insure many vehicles with the same type of coverage for less. You could insure the entire fleet of trucks above with $500,000 in commercial liability insurance as well as collision and comprehensive options for a single low rate which you are allowed to pay monthly, annually or semi-annually (every 6 months). Click on read more below for free quotes and further information.

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Do I Need a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

If you need to ask, you probably do. It's better to be safe than sorry when the incorrect choice leads to a lawsuit. 

Call our honest and informative SkyAgents® today and they will help you decide positively what the best auto insurance options are for your vehicle and/ or business


Commercial Auto Insurance Options

When it comes to commercial auto insurance there are many variables to consider when purchasing your policy.

A commercial auto insurance policy takes into consideration the nature of the products and/ or services your business delivers. The riskier the service you offer, the more costly your insurance will be. For instance: A fire hazard mitigation company in California would pay much more for insurance of their commercial vehicles than a flower courier in Oregon would. This is both because the service offered by the California company is risky, and chances are their vehicles are more expensive due to the specialized nature of the fire-fighting and landscaping equipment inside of or attached to said vehicles. 

Attached equipment is another huge facet of commercial auto insurance.

Attached Equipment

Coverage for attached equipment on commercial auto insurance policies is based on the cost of the equipment and the work it is used for. An attached drill press might only cost you an additional 5 dollars per month on your insurance policy, but an elaborate lift, ladder, or winch with many moving parts will cost significantly more. As with everything in your commercial auto insurance policy it's best to use your common sense when purchasing coverage.

Nobody needs to buy additional coverage for the emergency toolbox they keep in the cab, but loaded boxes that stay in the bed may warrant an attached equipment rider if you use them for anything other than home improvement. For things besides your commercial vehicles and equipment, there is the all-around guardianship of the umbrella insurance policy. 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance can protect you on all fronts but is designed as a supplement and not a stand-alone policy. 

Umbrella insurance provides supplemental insurance benefits (when liability coverage is not enough to cover damages) for:

  • employee misconduct
  • hiring practices violations
  • error and omission 
  • commercial liability
  • property damage liability
  • more...

All of the damage sources or perils listed above DO have specific coverage options created for each of them, but an umbrella policy is designed to 'catch' any excess damages claimed against you which could be admissible in a court of law. In the event somebody claims damages against you and your commercial auto insurance or general commercial liability insurance does not have limits that are high enough to compensate the plaintiff or injured for those damages, your commercial umbrella insurance policy will kick in to save your skin (and your profits).

Errors and Omission

Error and omission insurance exists to protect your business from simple office mistakes or errors in professionalism that could otherwise cost your company thousands if not millions of dollars. 

For example:

If you are a hardware distributor and an engineering firm pays for steel bolts of a specific grade, but your front office checks the wrong box and you deliver bolts that are not up to the engineering lab's specifications, it's possible that your 2 dollar bolt could cost the lab millions of dollars in research and development of a machine or system that was quickly destroyed when 6 of it's 8 mounting bolts failed during early testing. 

Ordinarily, this mistake is yours. You charged the company, delivered a product, and accepted payment for your service, only you didn't provide the service you promised (however accidental your company's failure may have been). With errors and omission insurance however, a large portion of those professional error damages can be paid for without you losing your business or home to try and stay afloat. For errors higher up the ladder, there is Officer & Administrator E & O Insurance

Officer E&O

This is the same error and omission insurance coverage offered above with higher limits to deal with mistakes in the administration of your business. 

Your officers and administrators are charged with maintaining the level of professionalism they indicated they were capable of on the resume they submitted when they were hired, so basic E & O is not enough to protect you from accidental damages resulting from their actions (since these members of your business family are paid to supervise and make sure simple mistakes DON'T get made).

Basically, this coverage exists to protect your business from the people you hire to run it.

Just hired a CEO who makes money but takes lots of risks? This is the coverage for you. Just hired an accountant who had a blemish on their resume that has made you suspicious? This coverage is for you. Call now to learn more about all of our commercial auto insurance and business umbrella insurance options. 


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