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Provider Organizations

The auto insurance and motorcycle insurance companies listed below are our go-to insurance providers in the 28 states we serve within the US.

Some of these insurance providers specialize in only a few types of auto or motorcycle insurance products, others are best purchased by folks looking to bundle more than one vehicle or any number of vehicles and a home into a single policy. 

Regardless of what type of auto insurance or motorcycle insurance coverage you are seeking, we can connect you to an appropriate provider who has the right product for you.

We sell nearly all lines of property and casualty insurance, so it's very unlikely that you'll have any type of property or vehicle which we would not be able to insure. Call today at 1-800-771-7758 during regular business hours for immediate assistance, or click on the get quotes button to get us started gathering your free auto & motorcycle insurance quotes.


Bundled Home & Auto Insurance

Nationwide insurance can save you a ton of money when you purchase a bundled insurance policy. Backed by Nationwide home insurance, the Nationwide company has been providing consumers with affordable bundled insurance deals that include auto and home insurance for several years. Eastwood car insurance is proud to sell Nationwide insurance products and services in more than 50 states.

Nationwide insurance bundles save you more than 20% to 30% on your auto insurance immediately with the Nationwide Extra- a special set of coverage options available only to people who decide to bundle their policies with Nationwide. Click on the read more button below to learn more about the home and auto insurance options available to you from Nationwide Insurance and the helpful Sky-Agent® at SkyBlue Insurance

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Auto | Motorcycle | Mobile Home Insurance

Foremost motorcycle insurance and Foremost auto insurance are two of the most popular products of this nation-wide brand. Many people don't know however that Foremost got their start selling RV insurance in the 50s and today they use their expertise in auto insurance and home insurance to sell bundled insurance plans that save consumers thousands of dollars per year on their insurance premiums.

To get free quotes on Foremost auto insurance- as well as information about bundled insurance options from Foremost and some half a dozen other nationally-recognized brands, please call our office during regular business hours at
1-800-771-7758 or click on the read more button below to learn more. 

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